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Administration FAQs

Q: What are the office hours, address and telephone number for the Mayor's Office?

A: The hours are Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm, our address is 111 South Capitol Street, Pekin, IL, and our telephone number is 309-477-2300.

Q:  What is the sales tax rate for Pekin?

A: The rate for Pekin is 8.0%

Q:  When does the City re-broadcast the City Council Meetings?

A: The Thursday after a City Council Meeting.  The times are 9:00am - 2:00pm - 8:00pm

Q:  Where can I dispose of old medicines?

A: There is a box located in the lobby of the Pekin Police Department for safe disposal - 111 S. Capitol

Q: Where can I dispose of old needles?

A:  Call the Tazewell County Health Department at 309-925-5511, ext. 225 

Q:  Who is my State Representative 91st District?

A: Representative Micahel Unes - 19 S. Capitol Street, Pekin, IL 309-620-8631

Q:  Who is my Congressman 17th District?

A.  Congresswoman Cheri Bustos - 3100 N. Knoxville Ave. Suite 205, Peoria, IL 309-966-1813

Q:  Who is my Congressman 18th District?

A: Congressman  - 100 NE Monroe, Peoria, IL  309-671-7027

Q:   Who is my State Senator 46th District?

A: Senator David Koehler - 420 Elizabeth St., Pekin, IL  309-369-1648

Q:  I have liens on my property?

A:    For a Weed Lien call 309-477-2315.  For a Waste Water Lien call 309-478-5394

Q:  How can I purchase a Garbage Tote, Recycle Bin or Yardwaste Stickers?

A:  You can come down to City Hall, 2nd Floor Administration between the hours of 8am - 5:00pm - we accept cash, check or visa.

Q:  I need to get a copy of my Birth Certificate?

A:    You need to call the Tazewell County County Clerk's Office at 309-477-2264

Q:  I need to check on my court date?

A:  You need to call the Tazewell County Circuit Clerk's Office at 309-477-2214

Q:   I need to talk to someone about my Real Estate Taxes?

A:    You need to call the Tazewell County Treasurer's Office at 309-477-2284