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Bridges Out of Poverty

What is Bridges Out of Poverty?
  • Bridges Out of Poverty is a proven way to counter poverty and its impact on people and businesses in your community.
  • Bridges Out of Poverty is a series of best practices, ideas, and concrete tools with proven results that brings people from all economic classes together to address all causes of poverty in order to build resources, improve job retention rates, reduce health inequities, improve outcomes, and support those who are moving out of poverty.
  • Bridges Out of Poverty is also a book that has inspired many innovative practices. It has developed into an approach that helps employers, community organizations, social service agencies, and individuals (1) build individual assets, (2) build community assets (human and social capital), and (3) acknowledge and reduce exploitation and advocate for political/economic policy change.
What makes Bridges Out of Poverty different?
  • It is important to note that Bridges Out of Poverty is not a program. It is a set of comprehensive constructs and strategies that can be used by programs and initiatives that aim to help people move out of poverty and build sustainability.
  • Bridges is both flexible and dynamic. Flexible because each organization or community can adapt the Bridges model to address its own unique challenges, and dynamic because Bridges tools grow and adapt as individual, organizational, and community goals change.
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