Court Street Improvements

The City of Pekin is in the planning process for improvements to Court Street as it travels through the City limits.  Currently Court Street is also under the jurisdiction of Illinois Department of Transportation as it is also serves as IL route 9 but will get turned over to the City at the completion of the construction of Veterans Drive from Commercial Drive to IL 29.  At that time IL 9 will get moved to Veterans Drive and the remaining money from a $30 million State Grant for Veterans Drive will be utilized for Court Street improvements.  The City has sought the services of Hanson Professional Services to study the Court Street corridor to propose improvements that may be desirable to turn a previous State Highway into a City street by reviewing capacity of the street, lowering maintenance cost and improving accessibility to all users of the roadway.  At this time the City is seeking comments, concerns and input on the preliminary recommendations from all users of the road.

Below are links to the proposed recommendations: