Snow Removal

The snow and cold weather have caused numerous potholes on city streets.  Street crews are working to get them filled in as soon as possible, but cannot get to all of them at once.  Please drive cautiously to try and avoid them whenever possible.  The extreme cold weather prevents the material used for filling to work properly, and some holes may have to be refilled.  This is a common condition in the Midwest, and we are working to keep the number of large holes to a minimum. Again, drive with caution and be alert not only for potholes, but potential slick areas as well.

More than 3,000 tons of salt are dispensed on the snowy streets of Pekin during an average winter. What else does the City use to combat accident-causing snow and ice?

  • Number of Employees
    - 10 Operators
    - 1 Supervisor
    - 1 Secretary
  • Trucks and Equipment
    - 10 Front Line Trucks equipped with reversible Plows, 5 Wing Plows and Spreader Boxes
    - 3 Spare Trucks - equipped the same
    - 1 Cat Wheel Loader - mainly used to load trucks
    - 1 Truck Mounted Spreader for alleys and cul-de-sacs

  • Materials for Fighting
    - Snow and Ice Salt - 3,000 tons

Ten Snow Routes

Each operator has primary streets (main streets) and snow routes on each route. These routes DO NOT cover every street. These are streets that have been selected to get traffic flowing the quickest. It is possible you may have to drive three or four blocks to a main street. The City's Street Division is complimented by employers of the Solid Waste Department, and in major storm events, by contractual services. The City utilizes a designated snow plow for hills and inclines.

Snow Route Signs, Parking Bans

The signs are posted one per block on streets where parking is allowed. When a "Parking Ban" is in effect, you MUST remove anything parked on the street in front of your residence. These signs do not mean we will plow every snow event. The conditions (temperature, sun, salt) will determine whether the streets are plowed on each snowfall. If a "PARKING BAN" is in effect, DO NOT put your vehicle in the street just because you see the plows or see that your street has been plowed. DO NOT put your vehicle in the street at all until the "PARKING BAN" has been lifted or your vehicle could be towed at your expense.


The City snow plows will maintain the primary streets (main streets) and snow routes until the snow event is over, before moving to any other streets in the City.

The City snow plows usually plow Court Street and Veterans Drive in groups of two.

Removing snow from private property into the street is prohibited and violates City Code.

ATTENTION: Please do not attempt to pass the plow or drive too closely as you are endangering not only yourself but also the plow truck operators.