Yard Waste

A little history... in 1989 the State of Illinois enacted a law stating that all yard waste was to be separated from garbage. This law was brought about because of rapidly declining space in our landfills. Yard waste in plastic bags does not decompose as quickly as it should. We need to continue to concentrate on increasing more involvement in the use of the yard waste program. All of the yardwaste materials are recycled.

Weekly pick-up April 1st through December 21st.

What is Considered Yard Waste?

  • Grass, leaves, and branches (maximum length 5 feet). Christmas trees, mulch, garden plants and straw. Christmas Trees may be set out for yardwaste pick-up December 25th through January 15th, after this date they can be set out for garbage pick-up. Christmas trees are the only trees allowed in the landfill.

What Type of Container Should be Used For Yard Waste?

  • Garbage cans (no larger than 35 gallon), 95 gallon wheeled containers (purchased  through the City of Pekin), and paper yardwaste bags (available at hardware and grocery stores).

What is Not Considered Yard Waste?

  • Animal feces, plastic garden pots, plastic plant trays, dirt, rocks, bricks, concrete, treated lumber, sod, and building materials (2' x 4's, plywood and drywall).

What Type of Containers are Prohibited For Yard Waste?

  • Plastic bags, paper grocery sacks, chemical barrels, cardboard boxes and cans over 35 gallons in size.

Helpful Hints:

Cans, bags and bundles should not exceed 50 pounds. Yard waste cans and or garbage containers must have the C-A-R-E stickers on them, facing the curb so drivers can distinguish between yard waste and garbage. 

C-A-R-E stickers may be picked up at 1208 Koch Street at the Street Department or City Hall at 111 South Capitol Street.  Questions please call 309-477-2325.