Do I need a permit to operate a loudspeaker or amplifier for a band?

Do I need a license to sell alcohol at an event?

Is it unlawful for a person under the age of 18 or person who has custody of a child under 16 years of age to be absent from or permit the child not to attend school without parents permission?

What size sign can I place in my yard for promoting the candidacy of a person elected to a governmental office?

Can I put a garage sale sign in my yard?

Can I park a vehicle that no longer runs in front of my house or in the yard?

Can a delivery truck use Park Avenue to avoid traffic on Court Street?

I am 17 years old. How late can I stay out Friday and Saturday night?

Tazewell County Animal Control has picked up my cat. How much do I have to pay the City for violation of an animal running at large and how many dogs can I have?

My neighbor cuts his grass before he goes to work in the morning. The engine is loud and disturbing which also makes the dogs bark. Is there a "Noise" ordinance?

Can I park on the street at night?

Where can I ride my skateboard?