Pekin City Hall plans to re-open to the public on January 15, 2021.  Please keep in mind the following rules as you access the building.

Public Entry and Traffic Flow in City Hall: The public shall enter City Hall through the first-floor Police Department entry off Sabella Street. Members can then use the central stairway or elevator to access services on the 2nd floor.

Mask Requirements: Members of the public will be required to wear a mask at all times when they are in the building to conduct business with a City staff member.  Visitors are to keep a six foot distance from other guests or city employees that are in the building.  If a member of the public chooses not to wear a mask, the City may provide alternate ways for the guest to complete their business with the City outside of City Hall (i.e. in the same manner we would have conducted that business since the March closure due to COVID19).

Access Procedures:

  • Floor stickers will be placed on the floor for proper social distancing in the first-floor lobby and signage will be used to direct people to the second floor. Floor stickers and signage will also be provided in the 2nd floor lobby.
  • All doors to the employee areas will be closed including the conference room and the City Council Chamber doors in the lobby.
  • The Police Records will provide service to its customers through the first-floor lobby window. The Police Department Lobby will also have floor stickers for social distancing.
  • Chairs in the first and second floor lobbies will be replaced for properly social distanced chairs and to deter people from loitering. Citizens will continue to be able to exit the 2nd floor doors as that is a safety requirement as well.
  • Additional hand sanitizer and disinfectant material has been ordered for cleaning and disinfecting purposes. Individual hand sanitizing wipe packets have been ordered for City staff to provide to guests to use prior to conducting a transaction with our employees.

Public Meetings: The square footage in the City Council Chambers will not accommodate seating for the public, so City Council Meetings (and other public meetings) will still be conducted with the ZOOM (or other electronic) meeting format so the public can still participate. Any meeting with more than 12 – 13 people will need to be conducted by ZOOM. There simply is not enough space for the required social distancing in the chambers.

Impact of Positive COVID Cases: If several members of city staff are exposed or if the exposure across departments, the City Manager will reassess the ability to keep City Hall open and may re-close City Hall to the public, pending review of staff availability and/or public health concerns. Keep checking the City's website for updates.

Conclusion: Based on needs and the ever-changing situations with COVID19, this plan may be revised or changed at some point. Please do not hesitate to contact the City Manager, Mark Rothert, if you have questions at or 309-477-2300.