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NEW Recyling Center:  Corner of S. 2nd and Cynthiana (by T-Shirt House).  McDonald's Recycling Center is now closed.

REMINDER: Do not put glass and plastic bags in the recycling containers. Take glass to the Recycling Center at the corner of S. 2nd and Cynthiana. Plastic bags can be taken to either Schnuck's or Walmart or thrown in your regular garbage.

Toter Turtle says "Grow Marigolds Not Landfills"

Not all materials can be recycled. Those that can are:

  • Newspapers & Phone books: Any flyers and advertisements that come with your newspaper, office paper or school paper.
  • Steel (bi-metal to tin) Food and Beverage Cans: Aluminum foil/pans 
  • Small Cardboard: Cake boxes, soda containers, cereal boxes, etc. Cardboard no larger than 3 x 3 broken down. The driver will decide whether to take it depending on the size and the amount of room in truck. Large amounts of cardboard may be taken to the Recycling Center at S. 2nd and Cynthiana or to Midland Davis, 14379 IL Rt. 29, Pekin, IL  61554.
  • Plastic Marked #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7: Just rinse;  Examples are 2-liter soda, bleach, detergent, milk, juice, shampoo, cooking oil and salad dressing bottles, etc. Excludes motor oil, antifreeze, pesticide or solvent bottles and wide-mouth containers such as margarine, ice cream and cottage cheeses, etc.
  • Aluminum Beverage Cans: Just rinse.
  • Shredded Paper:  Plastic bags will not be accepted.
  • Glass - We do not accept at all in your recycling cart.  Glass is being accepted at the 2nd and Cynthiana drop off site or at Midland Davis located at 14379 IL Rt. 29, Pekin, IL  61554.  Please remove lids from glass jars.
  • Electronic's - You can take electronic's to Waste Management, 3552 East Washington, East Peoria, IL or ATR, 8202 N. University, Peoria, IL.


Recycling Tips

  • You may mix all of the above types in one cart. The driver will separate them for you.
  • Breakdown cardboard boxes of all sizes. It saves space in the truck.
    Large amounts of cardboard should be bundled.
  • Recycle weekly to keep the weight of the items in the recycling cart manageable.
  • If you always have a lot of recyclables and your cart is overflowing, pick up a free recycling cart to avoid items spilling when the driver picks up the cart.
  • Do not use a cardboard box as a recycling cart.
  • Styrofoam packing materials, egg and food containers are not recyclable.

Click here for list of items to be recycled

Midland Davis Textbook Recycling - check it out here!