City of Pekin, IL


Economic Development Advisory Committee

The mission of Pekin’s Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) is to advise the City on economic issues and recommends programs and actions that enhance the local economy in pursuit of a balanced and growing tax base and a high quality of life for the community. To that end, the following goals are established for the Committee:
  • Encourage a wide range of local options for housing, employment, goods, services, and leisure.
  • Support sustainable and well-planned growth.
  • Provide efficient and effective government services.

The Committee generally meets on the second Monday of each month at 12:00 PM (noon) in the Council Chambers at City Hall. Meetings are open to the public.

The Committee currently consists of 13 members appointed by the Mayor, with consent of the City Council, who reside within a mile and a half of the city boundary or who work or own businesses in Pekin. EDAC members serve three terms. Note: beginning May 2026, the EDAC membership will be reduced to 7 members. Current members are shown below.

Term Ends May 2025
Jack Steger
Drew Leman (chairperson)
Liridon Rrushaj
Keith Dunkelbarger
Patrick Taphorn

Term Ends May 2026
D. Neal "Buster" Hanley II
Caty Campbell
Roy Bockler
Earl Riley
John Campbell
Danielle Owens
Amy McCoy (vice chairperson)
Dennis Short

Ex-Officio Members
Mayor Mary Burress
Chris Setti, Greater Peoria Economic Development Council

Staff Contact
Josh Wray, Director of Economic Development
Phone: 309-478-5355