City of Pekin, IL


Development Incentives

The following are major business development incentives for the City of Pekin, which will require further discussion, analysis and negotiation with the City. To find out how to access these incentives.

Tax Increment Financing Districts
TIF Districts provide a means in which communities can financially assist in the development or redevelopment of a site or area. Cities can utilize the incremental increase in property tax revenues as a result of a redevelopment project to assist with qualifying development projects.  TIF Districts can only be established in municipalities, and as such, municipalities often consider creating TIF Districts to assist with specific redevelopment projects. 

Other times, cities will establish a TIF district to catalyze economic activity in a blighted area.  Using the incremental revenues in the TIF, a community can undertake economic development activities or provide incentives that otherwise might not be possible in order to encourage job creation, increase property values, and to protect the local tax base. Eligible project costs in a TIF can include, but is not limited to: 
  • Rehabilitating, reconstructing, remodeling of existing structures; 
  • Costs of construction of public infrastructure improvements; 
  • Architectural, engineering, legal, financial services; and
  • Property assembly costs such as acquisition, demolition, clearing and grading. 
The following is a link of the new TIF boundaries:  TIF Map

The following is a link to a redevelopment plan outlining the goals of the City with this TIF:   TIF District Redevelopment Plan

Business Development District
The City of Pekin has created a Business Development District (BDD) primarily located along major commercial corridors of the City. A BDD is a geographical area designated by the City to focus public and private investment in the community. The geographical area of the BDD includes Court Street, Derby Street, Broadway, North 8th, and the downtown area. The BDD will help to tackle some of the city’s biggest challenges, including a lack of investment in infrastructure (streets, sidewalks, sewers) and development (new businesses and job creation). Reinvestments in these key focus areas will be possible due to funds generated through a 1% sales tax for retail sales generated in the BDD.  

To lessen the BDD’s 1% sales tax impact on Pekin residents, the City Council also voted to lower the City’s portion of the property tax by over 10% in the 2020 levy, for taxes paid in 2021. These savings substantially reduce the impact of the BDD sales tax to near break-even levels in the first year and substantially lower it in the following years. The BDD also allow the City to shift more of the burden for infrastructure maintenance and repair to external users/shoppers of our city. Lastly, the BDD creates a dedicated funding stream for annual infrastructure improvements and business development that will help keep Pekin improving and growing.

The following is a link of the new BDD boundaries:   BDD Map
The following is a link to a redevelopment plan outlining the goals of the City with this BDD:  Business Development District Redevelopment Plan