City of Pekin, IL



The Finance Department's general purpose is to direct, administer and supervise fiscal affairs, accounting and financial records. Directing budget and financial statement preparation also falls under the Finance Department's general duties and responsibilities as well as managing debt and investment portfolios under the direction of the City Manager.

Detailed essential duties and responsibilities include directing the City's annual operating budget preparation. This is done by monitoring expenses and revenues, and directing fund transfers. More duties and responsibilities include preparing the annual tax levy.

The sales tax rate in the City of Pekin is 8.50% and broken down as follows:
  • 5.25% State
  • 1.00% Municipal Rate for City of Pekin
  • 1.75% Home Rule Rate for City of Pekin
  • 0.50% Tazewell County Public Safety
  • Starting July 1, 2021, an additional 1.00% sales tax is charged in Pekin's Business Development District
There is an additional food, beverage and liquor sales tax at the following rates:
  • Food and Beverage Sales Tax for Pekin is 2.00%.
  • Packaged Liquor Sales Tax for Pekin is 2.00%.
Other tax rates:
  • 6% Hotel Motel Tax rate outside of Business Development District
  • 7% Hotel Motel Tax rate in Business Development District
  • 4 cents per gallon for Motor Fuel Tax
Wastewater utility billing can be paid online, accepted by mail, drop box or the grocery stores that currently take payments. If you have questions or concerns, please call us at 309-478-5394.

Department Contact:

Finance Director
Phone:  309-477-2300