City of Pekin, IL


Crime Prevention


The Crime Prevention Office, has the responsibility to educate the citizens of  Pekin on ways to protect themselves from being a victim of crime. This office also monitors, from police reports, trends in crime versus location, in order to assist Patrol and Investigations in curbing those activities.

HLT_NEW_EN_PEKIN_3Hide, Lock, Take Campaign

For the past couple of summers, we have posted signs on poles across the city reminding citizens of three very important keys to keeping from becoming a victim of a car burglary or auto theft.


Hide your valuables in your car. Often times car burglars are looking for valuables in plain site. Make your car less appealing by hiding the valuables in your car, or simply removing them from your car at night.


Lock your car doors! Most of the time, car burglaries occur because the car doors are left unlocked. Very seldom will criminals break the car windows to get inside. 97% of all vehicle burglaries occur because of car doors left unlocked.


Take your keys! Many times, people will still leave their car keys in the ignition or in the cup holder with the car unlocked. Please remember to take your keys with you so you are not a victim of auto theft.

The Pekin Police Department ran several billboards throughout the city to remind citizens to lock their doors, as well as billboards to remind suspects the consequences of their actions. Several businesses throughout the city posted messages on their electronic signs as well. There were radio ads on several radio stations, as well as a reminder video that played all summer before movies at the Pekin Cinemas. The Pekin Police also took the message to the Jr. High and High School before the end of last school year warning kids about the consequences of this crime. And Police Officers along with Police Explorers were out at several businesses throughout the summer handing out "report cards". Officers would visually inspect vehicles in parking lots to see if they were left unlocked, or had valuables in plain view.

billboard_1 billboard2