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The mission of the Pekin Police Department, a committed, service-oriented agency, is to protect life, human rights, and property through an effective, proactive partnership with the community.

About the Pekin Police Department

The Pekin Police Department provides assistance and protection of life and property, under the general direction of the City Manager. The department's responsibilities also include the appraisal of Pekin's crime prevention and law enforcement issues and the development of appropriate solutions to meet those needs. This also includes adjusting department methods to better meet the challenges of today's police force.

The department also ensures a friendly and safe community environment through the development, recommendation, and administration of the department's operating budget to the City Council. By reviewing and substantiating department funds, and maintaining fiscal controls on department revenues and expenditures, the Pekin Police Department is able to meet the needs of the community.

Pekin Police Chief Seth Ranney

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Chief Seth Ranney leads the City of Pekin Police Department with a distinguished career in law enforcement that spans nearly three decades.  A proud alumnus of Pekin High School, Seth pursued higher education at Illinois State University, where he earned a degree in Criminal Justice in 2000.

Upon graduation, Seth began his career with the Pekin Police Department, quickly establishing himself as a dedicated and skilled Officer.  His expertise in narcotics enforcement was recognized, leading to his attachment with the DEA Task Force during Operation Rattlesnake.  Seeking to broaden his experience, Seth temporarily left the Pekin Police Department to serve with the Nashville Metro Police Department, where he was gained further experience in narcotics investigations.

In 2010, Seth returned to the Pekin Police Department, bringing with him invaluable experience and knowledge.  His leadership and commitment to the community led to his promotion to Deputy Chief.  In 2023, Seth was appointed to Chief of Police, a role in which he continues to serve with distinction.

Chief Ranney's dedication to professional development is evident in his academic achievements.  He earned a Master's Degree in Public Administration from the University of Illinois - Springfield, further enhancing his ability to lead and manage the department effectively.

Under Chief Ranney's leadership, the Pekin Police Department remains committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of the community, guided by principles of integrity, transparency, and community engagement.

Career Opportunities with Pekin Police Department

The Pekin Police Department is continually seeking applications from experienced police officers with proven track records and a willingness to serve. Interested officers may be able to hire laterally, with a more streamlined hiring process. 

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