City of Pekin, IL


Utility Billing

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  • Sewer/Wastewater is calculated from water usage information received from IL-American Water Company.  The water meter information is duplicated on the City Invoice in the Meter Information Box.  City of Pekin invoices the month following service.  Sewer charges a Volumetric Rate and a Capital Improvement Charge.
  • The Capital Improvement Charge will be billed each month to every property owner in the City limits regardless of water usage or occupancy.  Rate increases will be announced via monthly invoices.
  • All invoices are generated monthly.
  • Water meter information received from IL-American is duplicated in the meter information box on your bill.  This indicates the metered water usage reported by IL-American Water that is used to calculate current wastewater charges.

METER INFO 07 13 22

  • Winter averages will be allowed for residential home owner occupied users.  The usage from the months of November through April will be averaged.  The average will be billed unless the actual metered usage during the summer billing period is less.  If a customer has not been serviced for a full period, an average usage of no more than 2,500 per household will be used.
  • When even one person fails to pay, it reduces our services and resources.  Therefore, on behalf of the taxpayer, overdue sewer balances will be charged 10%
  • Garbage fees are invoiced to all residential property owners regardless of occupancy or use.
  • Effective 4/26/2021, bulk items will be collected for a $10.00 large item sticker purchased at City Hall. 
  •  To calculate wastewater charges from your current Illinois-American Water bill, use the calculation as follows:

        Gallons x Volumetric rate + Capital Improvement Charge = Total Charge for that month

  •  Go Green!  Sign up for electronic bill pay and receive invoices days faster than through US Mail.  Visit and click on the “Pay Wastewater Bill Here” link.  First time users may register and then add your individual utility account or multiple accounts!

If you have questions regarding your invoice, please call or email.