City of Pekin, IL


Submit Business Tax

Please download and fill out the applicable forms and then attach below with your submission. 
Food & Beverage Tax Fillable Form
Packaged Liquor Tax Fillable Form
Motor Fuel Tax Fillable Form
Hotel/Motel Tax Fillable Form
Auto Pay Form

Schedule of Taxes Due
Food & Beverage Tax due on the 20th
Packaged Liquor Tax due on the 20th
Motor Fuel Tax due on the last day of the calendar month
Hotel/Motel Tax due on the 30th

If you have questions please call us at (309)478-5335

Submit Business Tax

Please fill out all fields and attach your tax form in the appropriate section. Be sure to include your supporting State of Illinois Sales Tax return(s). Tax returns submitted after the due date will be assessed a 10% late penalty and 2% interest per month for every month that it is late. Failure to file for three months will incur a fraudulent fine of 20%.