City of Pekin, IL


Staff Contacts

City of Pekin 
111 South Capitol Street
Pekin, IL 61554
Tel:   309-477-2300 / Fax:  309.346.2095
Office Hours:  Monday thru Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm


Department      Contact Name Position Number  Email
City Manager Mark Rothert City Manager  309-477-2300 
City Clerk Sue McMillan City Clerk  309-477-2300  
City Clerk Nicole Stewart Deputy City Clerk  309-478-5415  
Finance Bruce Marston  Director  309-477-2300 
Human Resources Vacant Director    
Police John Dossey Police Chief  309-477-2336
Fire Trent Reeise Fire Chief  309-477-2388
Public Works Justin Reeise Public Works Director 309-478-5365
Engineering Josie Esker City Engineer  309-477-2300
Street & Solid Waste Departments
Vacant Operations Supervisor  309-477-2325  
Building Inspections Nic Maquet Chief Building Official 309-478-5370
Planning, Zoning & Economic Development Matt Fick Development Consultant  309-478-5355
Transportation (Municipal Bus) Vacant Director    
Zoning and CDBG Program David Bess Zoning Administrator and CDBG Program Manager  309-478-5356
Airport Todd Dugan Director   309-348-3692
Information Technology Dave Hess IT Manager  309-477-2300
Wastewater Treatment Plant Chris Schaefer Operations Supervisor  309-477-2300
Public Property Dean Schneider Supervisor 309-477-2300
Vehicle Maintenance   Operations Supervisor