City of Pekin, IL

Community Reminders

City Council Meetings
City Council Meetings meet the second and fourth Monday of each month. In case there is a Holiday that falls on that Monday, the meetings will be held on a Tuesday.

Sewer Back-Up Problems
If you are experiencing sewer backup problems, please call the City of Pekin Street Department at 309.477.2325 during business hours of 7:30am - 3:30pm, after hours please call the Police Department 309.346.3132. The City will check the main sewer line before you call a plumber. The City is responsible for the main sewer line. The property owner is responsible from the tap in the main sewer line to the home or business. As a reminder, do not put anything down your drains or toilet that does not belong. This includes dumping grease down your drain, putting kitty litter and other objects down your toilets. This will ensure your private line and the City line does not get plugged up. 

Charitable Solicitations
A reminder that you need to fill out a Charitable Solicitation form at the City Clerk's Office, 111 South Capitol, Pekin, IL  61554 for all fundraisers, benefits, and tag days.

Garbage, Yardwaste, Recycling
Garbage, Yardwaste and Recycling are picked up weekly at the curb of your residence.  For more information call the Solid Waste Department at 309.477.2325 or visit