inspection-stamp-impression-grunge-aged-look-red-color-being-inspected-little-d-men-over-white-background-men-hold-magnifying-29810949The City Council of Pekin charges the City Engineer, Code Enforcement Officer, Inspectors, and all the staff of the Inspection Department to provide and promote a safe environment through enforcement of the laws and codes of the City of Pekin with regard to all code enforcement issues.

Without exception, the Inspection Department staff cares deeply about the City of Pekin and its residents and businesses. That is why we answer hundreds of construction and code related questions each week and assist homeowners, developers, and businesses in developing good plans and designs.

Hours of Operation

We are available to residents Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM until 4:30 PM. We always have and always will welcome questions about code and inspection compliance.

Code Enforcement 
111 South Capitol Street

We review sketches, drawings, and actual buildings during the very early stages of projects to help identify areas of concern to prevent problems before they become costly. In most cases, we are able to approve projects and develop productive working relationships with contractors, developers and owners.

However, we are sometimes required to inform an individual or business that what they desire cannot be accomplished due to lack of compliance with the codes. In those cases, we generally assist with explaining what is needed and help them to get to an acceptable end result.

City Code for WeedsNuisances and Permits needed by the City of Pekin

2019 Building Codes