City of Pekin, IL


New Automated Side Load Garbage Trucks Now in Route

Two new automated side load garbage trucks are now out on the routes. These trucks will make the garbage routes more efficient. 

Here are some tips for how to help make this transition easier.

  • Arrows on top of toter lid need to face towards street (handles away from street). 
  • The machine automatically shuts the lid after emptying. Please check if your garbage has been picked up before calling the City. 
  • Please keep garbage cans at least 3 feet away from any obstacles i.e. cars, mailboxes, light poles and other toters.
  • Nothing outside or on top of the toter will be picked up. 
  • Lids must be closed but not bungee corded shut. 
  • Garbage must be out by 6 AM.

Thank you for your help! We will all work together to make this as easy as possible.